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Keepsakes and Urns

At Bolger's Funeral Director's we can order a Treasured Keepsake for you. Perhaps you would like to preserve the remains of your loved one or keep a lock of their hair in a precious Keepsake. We hope that these choices will give comfort to those who loose a loved one.

We have a sample selection of small Urns and Keepsakes below and these are also available for you to view upon request.

If you would like to find our more or order a Treasured Keepsake please call us on 087-9784923 and we would be happy to arrange this for you.

Ash Grey Corn.jpg
Heart Pendant.jpg
Ash Grey Corn Keepsake.jpg
Brushed Pewter.jpg
Brushed Pewter Keepsake.jpg
Egyptian Gold.jpg
Oak Casket Urn.png
Egyptian Gold Keepsake.jpg
Scattering Tubes.jpg
Moon Tube.jpg
Butterfly Urn.jpg
Daisey Casket.jpg
Dove in Sky Tube.jpg
Silver Pendant Enclosed Urn.jpg
Autumn Casket.jpg
Golf Casket.jpg
Hurling Casket.jpg
Dove Tube.jpg
Gardener Casket.jpg
Colours Casket.jpg
Sunset Ocean Tube.jpg
Sunflower Casket.jpg
Gaa Football Casket.jpg
Horse Racing Casket.jpg
Snowdrop Casket.jpg
Tulip Tube.jpg
Forest Tube.jpg
Music Casket.jpg
Cats Casket.jpg
Butterfly Chain.jpg
Black Chain.jpg
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