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All our coffins are manufactured in Ireland. All our coffins are individually priced and prices are available upon selection. 

Carrick Coffin

The Carrick Coffin

Shannon Coffin

The Shannon Coffin

Kinvara Coffin

The Kinvara Last Supper Coffin

Kilkenny Coffin

The Kilkenny Last Supper Coffin

Blackwater Coffin

The Blackwater Coffin

Brandon Coffin

The Brandon American Oak Coffin

Kenmare Coffin

The Kenmare Italian Oak Coffin


Solid American Oak Casket

Sunflower Coffin.jpg

Sunflower Printed Coffin

Golf Coffin.jpg

Golf Printed Coffin

Music Coffin.jpg

Music Instrument Printed Coffin

Rugby Coffin.jpg

Rugby Printed Coffin

Lavender Coffin.jpg

Lavender Printed Coffin

Daisy Coffin.jpg

Daiseys Printed Coffin

Autumn Coffin.jpg

Autumn Printed Coffin

Dublin Gaa Coffin.png

Dublin GAA Printed Coffin

Seagrass Traditional

The Seagrass Eco Friendly Handmade Coffin

Gaelic Football Coffin.jpg

Gaelic Football Printed Coffin

Cats Coffin.jpg

Cats Printed Coffin

Soccer Coffin.jpg

Soccer Printed Coffin

Horse Racing Coffin.jpg

Horse Racing Printed Coffin

Colours Coffin.jpg

Colours Printed Coffin

Garden Coffin.jpg

Gardener Printed Coffin

Snowdrop Coffin.jpg

Snowdrop Printed Coffin

Books Coffin.jpg

Books Printed Coffin

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